World Environment Day Celebrations
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HAI Celebrates "Green Week" 5th - 10th June 2009

Hotel Association of India with its strong commitment to environmental issues has been regularly commemorating the "World Environment Day" on 5th of June each year by observing a "Green Week" in all its member hotels.

The 5th of June 2009, marked the launch of the 12th Green Week Celebrations at HAI.

For 6 consecutive days, each of the 250 plus member hotels across the country was abuzz with activities that sharply brought to focus the importance of conserving the environment and minimizing the damages caused to the quality of air and water on account of human lifestyles.

While each member hotel of the HAI has an "Environmental Policy" the Green Week highlights and sustains the awareness and adherence to protection of Mother Nature's bounties in a creative and unique manner.

A "Green initiative"; "Green Slogan", "Green Flag" "Green Sapling", "Green Theme" and "Green March" were a part of the fun-filled week which consisted of Inter-departmental poster making competition, creating "lungs" of life-sustaining trees in the concrete urban jungles , cleaning of water bodies, "Go Green" parties, special games, quizzes, slogan writing contests, screening of movies like "An Inconvenient Truth" and "The Day after Tomorrow", Neighborhood cleanliness drives, gifting of the evergreen, herbal, revered 'tulsi' (basil plant) in tiny pots etc.

Hotel owners, employees, their families, hotel guests, communities were all made a part of the Six days of celebrations and involved in the appreciation of the Earth's gifts and in re-affirming the responsibility to nurture and preserve it for the generations to come

While each activity was judged against several criteria such as Adherence to the theme, Practicality of suggestions made, Creativity, neatness, aesthetics and the best performers awarded, in our opinion they were winners all.

Some slogans that aptly display the strength of the feelings and emotions for the cause were 'save planet to save yourself'; 'go green or no green – make a choice'; 'the human rescue plan'; have you done your bit"

A few green moments at some of the member hotels have been captured below for all to share.

While the moments have passed "The Green Vision" of a sustainable and healthy environment meeting International standards for our people and community lives on.

HAI Celebrates "Green Week" 5th - 10th June 2009

Thought Provoking Posters at "The Oberoi Bangalore"

Thought Provoking Posters at "The Oberoi Bangalore"

"Green Week" Celebrations at The Heritage Village , Manesar of Select Holiday Resorts Pvt Ltd.

Donate Blood and Save Lives

Creating "Lungs" in Jungles of Concrete

"Tulsi" The evergreen ,herbal and revered plant- an Ideal Gift

Image Cleaning Slogan Creating Caring for the Bounties of Nature

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness"

"Think Environment Think Life"